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Food for thought

Food and Sex- Why the Two Are Correlated

By November 24, 2021No Comments

Food is one of the most carnal pleasures of life. It is a necessity that is deeply ingrained in the very fabric of life. Proper intake of delicious and balanced food is what gives us the required nutrients which in turn produce energy in our body. The role of food in one’s life cannot be ignored nor can its importance be disregarded. 

Just like food, sex is also a carnal pleasure. It is also a necessity that is deeply ingrained with the very fabric of life. While sex does have practical purposes such as the recreation of life, hormone regulation, genital health, etc, it is also a recreational activity, one that absolutely needs to be enjoyed thoroughly. Given how Asian communities believe sex to be a scandalous and taboo topic, education regarding sex and its benefits is not something that is easily accessible. As a result of this, many people refer to sex as only a method of procreation and not pleasure. Hence they are not aware of the many tricks and techniques that can be used to spice up their bedroom life. 

Falling into a routine when it comes to sex is incredibly easy and is actually encouraged. However, the routine needs to be spicy and fun in order to avoid stagnation. People in relationships, married people, and friends with benefits need to keep things interesting to avoid falling prey to subpar sex. One of the most common ways people explore the convoluted and myth riddled world of sex is roleplay. Sex toys, and kinks. 


A healthy sex life necessitates roleplay. It is a broad discipline of sex that can come to life using sex toys and kinks. Sexual roleplay is usually categorized by two or more people dressing up to live out a fantasy. The fantasy is sexually charged and erotically enticing. The participants tend to dress up as characters from their fantasy and use sex toys such as vibrators, dildos, whips, and ropes among others. Roleplay is often considered foreplay, but the two are completely different. While most of a roleplaying scenario is acted out before sex, it is not actual foreplay. Foreplay is the intimacy people experience before sex is mostly categorised by passion rather than the preamble of a sexual fantasy. Some of the most common sexual fantasies that people nurse and roleplay are multiple partners at the same time, power imbalanced based sex, control based sex, rough sex, risky locations, and erotic flexibility. 

  • Multiple Partners at the Same Time. 

Many people fantasize about having sex with multiple people at the same time. The most common reason for this is the fact that during a multiple partner fantasy, the person with the fantasy is the centre of attention. Everyone in the room wants to have sex with them. This empowers them sexually and they feel desired. Threesomes, foursomes, and orgies are some ways in which people fulfill their sexual desire to be with multiple partners at the same time. 

  • Power, Control, and Rough Sex.

BDSM, bondage, discipline, dominance, and submission, and SM, sadism and masochism, are what make up the majority of this fantasy type. People who are commonly in positions of power outside of the bedroom may crave subjugation behind closed doors. Power imbalance which leads to people having to submit to their partner is a common sexual practice. The partners in an imbalanced relationship are defined as doms, the dominant partner, and subs, the submissive one. The rough sexual practice involves pain play. Partakers incite pain within their partners through spanking, breathplay, whips, and sensory deprivation. 

  • Risky Locations. 

People who harbour sexual fantasies of getting it on in a public place have described their fantasy as something that is ingrained in the rush of adrenaline that they get from the possibility of getting caught. Having sex in an aeroplane bathroom (mile high club), atop a mountain, out on a beach, and dressing rooms leaves people feeling sexually empowered and turned on beyond description. Many married couples partake in risky location sex in order to avoid their bedroom life from getting boring. 

  • Erotic Flexibility. 

There are two major categories in this sexual fantasy, gender-bending and sexual flexibility. It is ingrained in the notion of playing different roles and personas that may not be commonly associated with the person’s gender. 

Sex toys and kinks play a large role in fantasy roleplay but are also employed in roleplay free sexual escapades. 

Sex Toys

Some of the most commonly used types of sex toys are vibrators, dildos, buttplugs, handcuffs, and gags. While it is a commonly held belief that sex toys are only used by women, the truth is a little more diverse than that. Male sex toys exist as well and are becoming and more and more popular. Male vibrators, prostate massagers, fleshlights, sleeves, and rings are some of the most popular sex toys used by men. 


Kinks are an innate part of sex and need to be explored in order for sexually active people to have a healthy sex life. It also plays a huge role in mental health. Some of the most common kinks are bondage, age play, dom/sub, orgasm control, roleplay, and voyeurism. 

While many may not know this, food also plays a role in maintaining a healthy sex life. There are certain foods that one must avoid having before sex for it may affect their sexual performance. There are also foods that can improve one’s sexual performance. Known as aphrodisiacs, these foods can improve one’s libido. 

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