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Just like our passion for the latest nft news, there is also people who  become passion when they talk about passion. There is people who really love to eat seafood and always order it whenever they are. In this article, you will be introduced to some types of seafood. 


The first type of seafood is squid which is everyone know about it. Squid have a soft and long bodies with big eyes. For your information, most of the squid lengths are not over than 24 inches. Meanwhile, the other species can reach around 33 feet or untill 34 feet for the giant type. You can eat them whether it fresh or cooked. Like in Japan, fresh squid is one of topping to serve in sushi or become a sashimi dishes. Either you eat the squid cooked or raw, the texture is really firm and chewy. You still can slightly sense the fishy smell but squid meat is relatively mild.

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Next, we have Shrimp. Shrimp is also very popular seafood among people. It is one of the most used seafood in the world. Some people might mistaken between shrimp and prawn. Shrimp is a marine animal meanwhile prawn is a freshwater animal. Even they are different species, the preparation is still the same such as removing the tail, head, vein and shell. But for the shell, there are some recipes not require the shell-off part to keep the moisture of the shrimp when cooking. Shrimp can be grill, boil and fry. But, remember to not overcooked them because the shrimp might turn rubbery.

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Other type of seafood is octopus. As we know, octopus has a long arms and it have soft body.Octopus got s various type. The largest one have reach until 600 pounds and 30- feet arms. But you can find in a smaller sizes or cut  in parts  like arms or other body parts for food. Octopus contains B vitamins, selenium, potassium, and phosphorus. Their head, on the other hand, contains a high concentration of selenium, which could lead to cadmium poisoning. Octopus contains B vitamins, selenium, potassium, and phosphorus. Their head, on the other hand, contains a high concentration of selenium, which could lead to cadmium poisoning.

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Next type of seafood is scallop. There is people who are not familiar with scallops and clams having a hard time to tell both apart. The only thing you can eat in scallops is their adductor muscle which is the meat of the animal. There are several dishes that can be pair with scallops including salad, pasta or rice dish,and vegetables. Scallops are a good place to start if you’re new to shellfish because the texture of cooked scallops is very similar to that of cooked fish. Scallops’s texture is firm but soft  to chew and swallow.


Clam also is one of the seafood that seafood lover love to eat. Clams have different  living environments, shapes and sizes. Sone of the clams can live in the ocean and the there is some are freshwater types. All clams have two equal shells with sides that can be oval/triangular or straight-long and are joined by two adductor muscles. Depending on their habitat, clam meat has a chewy texture and a salty or  sweet flavour. Clams are a popular ingredient in chowder. Additionally, clams can be eaten raw, boiled, fried, baked, or baked.


The other type of seafood is lobster. As everyone know, lobster is a high priced seafood. Lobster has long body with several claw and legs, and the first pair of lobster claws are bigger than the other claws.The flesh of a lobster is soft and white. After cooking, they are dense and chewy, but still tender enough to eat. However, unlike crab meat, lobster meat is not flaky. It has a delicate and slightly sweet flavor, particularly when steamed or boiled with the shell intact. However, before you can enjoy the delicious flesh, you must first crack the shell. Lobster nutrition is also incredible! It contains selenium, copper, magnesium, and vitamins.

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The next seafood is crab that everyone already know. Like how everyone know latest nft news, that is also how people know about crab. Crabs can be found in almost every ocean on the planet. It is the ninth most popular seafood in the United States, and it is frequently used in crab cakes, soups, and stews. Crab can be served boiled, baked, or grilled with a variety of sides. Depending on the location of the meat, it can be white or brown. More specifically, brown meat comes from the crab’s body, whereas white marrow comes from the legs and claws. Both are high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids.


Other than that, crayfish is also type of seafood that everyone likes same goes how you like latest nft news. Crayfish may look like small version of lobster at the fist glance. For your information, lobster is an ocean animal meanwhile crayfish are freshwater habitat which they live in rivers,ponds,lakes and else. Bisques, soups, and étouffées – a Cajun-style shellfish dish served with rice – are the most common crayfish recipes. Crayfish and lobster are both prohibited by Jewish law.

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Last type of seafood is mussel. Mussel habitats can be both freshwater and also saltwater, and they can be found on the shores or attached to rocks. They all have a dark shell (brown or purplish-black) and an oval shape. Mussel has a briny flavour with a light sweetness. Their texture is firmer and chewier than scallop. Do not eat them if they smell too salty or have a wide-open shell. Cooking with mussels is also varied. You can quickly roast, boil, steam, fry, and so on. And there are numerous side dish options to go with mussels. Overcooking mussels will result in them becoming rubbery and unappealing.

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In conclusion, this world have various type of seafood and it is worth it to try it even once. There also many kind of dish that you can cook using seafood. You can try when you have time or also you can go to restaurants that serve  seafood as their main dish. Trust me, you will in love with seafood.