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Don’s Own Hush Puppies Basket (12) 4.95
Freshly Prepared

Shrimp Cocktail 8.95
A South Louisiana twist on this American standard served with Don’s Special Sauce

Shrimp Remoulade 8.95

Jacked Up Shrimp 13.95
Don’s Original One of a Kind! Shrimp with bacon, jalapeno peppers, and pepper jack cheese- baked.

Seafood Bouquet 25.95
Bite sized fried catfish, fried crab fingers, shrimp and oyster en brochette, and shrimp brochette.

Fried Alligator 14.95
Farm Raised and Bite Sized

Fried Crab Fingers 15.95
Oysters on the Half Shell 1/2 Dozen or Dozen (Off Season)

Mixed Vegetable Basket 7.95
Spicy and Battered Green Beans, Breaded Okra, and Broccoli Bites

Broccoli Bites 6.25
Stuffed with cheese and bacon.

Battered Green Beans 5.95
Breaded Okra 5.50


All of Don’s Gumbos and Bisques start with a homemade roux and are slow simmered with just the right mix of seasonings and spices.
Voted best in Lafayette. One taste and you will know why. Served with steamed rice.

Cup Sm. Bowl Lg. Bowl
Seafood 7.50 11.75 14.95
Shrimp & Okra 6.95 11.50 13.95

Chicken (Fall-Winter) 9.50 13.95
Chicken & Fresh Sausage 10.95 14.95

Crawfish Bisque 8.50 12.95 15.95

Don’s Homemade Italian Salad 9.95

Seafood Salad 17.75
(Boiled Shrimp, Crab Meat, Boiled & Fried Crawfish)

Caesar Salad (with Chicken) 13.95
(with Grilled Shrimp) 15.95

Dressings: Homemade 1000 Island, Homemade Italian, Blue Cheese, Ranch, Honey Dijon Mustard,
French, Honey Mustard, Oil & Vinegar, Caesar


Ashby Special 27.95
Cup of Seafood Gumbo, Italian Salad, Crabmeat Au Gratin, Stuffed Eggplant Casserole,
One Stuffed Shrimp, Crawfish Etouffee, Stuffed Potato

Don’s Crawfish Dinner 27.95
Cup of Crawfish Bisque, Etouffee, Crawfish Au Gratin, Crawfish Fettuccini, Crawfish Cocktail,
Fried Crawfish Tails, Crawfish Patties

Don’s Crab Dinner 27.95
Cup of Crab Meat & Crab Finger Gumbo, Stuffed Crab, Crab Au Gratin, Crab Etouffee, Stuffed Potato

Don’s Shrimp Dinner 26.95
Cup of Shrimp Gumbo, Fried Shrimp, Broiled Shrimp, Shrimp Patty, Shrimp en Brochette, Shrimp Cocktail,
Stuffed Shrimp, Shrimp Etouffee

Seafood Platter 26.75
Stuffed Crab, Stuffed Shrimp, Fried Shrimp, Fried Catfish, Crawfish Fettuccini, Shrimp Patty, French Fries
Add a Cup of Shrimp Gumbo 3.50


U.S. Choice Ribeye 12oz 28.95
Filet Mignon 8oz 29.95

U.S. Choice Hamburger Steak 10oz 13.95 (Stuffed with cheese) 14.95
Grilled Quail 19.50

Whole Broiled Flounder 23.95

Stuffed Flounder Filet 23.95
Perfectly prepared with our homemade shrimp and crabmeat dressing. Served with Baked Potato

Broiled Tilapia Filet 17.95
Stuffed Tilapia Filet 19.25
Broiled Catfish Filet 17.75


Crawfish Etouffee 21.95

Crawfish Half & Half 22.95
Fried Crawfish Tails & Crawfish Ettouffee

Fried Crawfish 22.50

Fried Catfish Filet 15.95
Fried Shrimp & Catfish 18.95


Fried Shrimp 18.95

Stuffed Shrimp (4) 19.75
(4 Large shrimp stuffed with our homemade shrimp and crabmeat dressing)

Broiled Shrimp 20.95

Shrimp & Oyster En Brochette 23.95
Fried Oysters 22.95

Stuffed Crabs (2) 14.95 (3) 17.95
Crabmeat Au Gratin 23.50

Stuffed Eggplant 21.50
What do you get when you combine our famous shrimp and crabmeat dressing with the delicate flavor of eggplant?
A Cajun casserole that is sure to please!


Vegetable Medley 2.95
Green Beans 2.95
Potato Salad 2.95
Stuffed Baked Potato 3.75
Baked Potato 2.95
French Fries 2.95
Sweet Potato Fries 3.25


Don’s Cheesecake 7.25 (with Blueberry) 7.95
Homemade Bread Pudding 5.50

Whole Cheesecake Plain 32.95
Whole Cheesecake Blueberry 35.95